Misura Tailor-made rugs

Made in Belgium

Bespoke rugs

Misura refers to the delicate art of tailoring. The world of Misura is a world of quality, where attention to detail and passion for the sartorial arts are key. Misura services editors, interior design stores, interior architects, designers and decorators who want their vision and their clients’ wishes translated to perfection. Bespoke or 'made to order' means that you literally can imagine any form or size. Thanks to their unique confection capacities, Misura can tailor any of your creations.

Personal service

Misura caters to a market, where a highly personal service and a real relationship between the designer and the client are essential. The customer’s taste, interests and lifestyle are discussed; style, cut and finishing are impeccably tailored to the client’s interior project.

Innovative product

Misura rugs are made from natural bamboo as well as unique, exceptionally soft iSense yarns that outperform any other rug yarn, when it comes to soothing comfort. Thanks to their unique comfort layer and a high number of fine filaments, Misura tailor-made rugs offer a feeling of luxury and amazing comfort.

Attractive pricing

Being part of one of Europe's most innovative and leading rug manufacturers, Misura can benefit from the in-house expertise and scale. This advantage translates into a sharp pricing model so the client’s budget can go that extra mile in creating the perfect living and working space. On top of that, prices are calculated per cm², thus the customer literally pays for what he gets.

Short delivery times

Within a couple of weeks, the client or his decorator receives the unique tailor-made rug at home. No more work is needed as the product is delivered to perfectly fit the interior.