Sedna Tailor-made rugs

Super Soft Carpet Saving Sea Life

The exclusive collection of tufted rugs is meticulously crafted from a super soft regenerated polyamide yarn, boasting a luxurious appearance and excellent resilience.

This ECONYL nylon yarn is  a product of sustainability, created entirely from recycled waste material, such as old carpets and abandoned fishing nets recovered from the sea. Not only does it contribute to the preservation of our environment, but it also provides a pleasingly comfortable underfoot experience. The tailor-made rug's wear-resistant and easy-to-maintain nature ensures a lasting sense of luxury.


Thanks to the high-quality finish and sustainable practices, you can relish your Sedna rug for years to come. The backings of Sedna tailor-made rugs are equally sustainable, featuring a striking turquoise R-PET textile backing that provides additional strength and is made entirely from recycled PET bottles.